Clean Couches and Curtains

Clean Couches and Curtains

Restore your furniture with upholstery cleaning in Henderson, Summerland, & Las Vegas, NV

No matter how vigilant you try to be about not eating or drinking in the family room, accidents happen. 702 Cleaning Company offers upholstery cleaning to make your belongings look brand-new.

You can count on us to clean:

  • Couches, loveseats and futons
  • Seat cushions and recliners
  • Dining room chair cushions
  • Ottomans and footstools
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Eliminate spots and stains by trusting an upholstery cleaning service

The right upholstery cleaning service can remove unsightly spills without damaging the material underneath. What's the point in getting your upholstery cleaned if it's just going to look faded or worn-down after the fact? Our methods are tough on stains and gentle on your furniture.

Avoid the embarrassment of seating your guests and visitors on splotched, stained couches and chairs. Thanks to our upholstery cleaning, you'll be proud to show off your beautiful home to anyone who comes over.

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